The team

Cocoonr was created by 4 co-founders

Antoine Serrurier, sales and operations

Photo d'Antoine Serrurier
15 years of experience in entrepreneurship, ecommerce and online marketing. I have a passion for real estate, architecture and design.
On Airbnb since 2012.
His mission : give wings to Cocoonr
His challenge : deploy the project but keeping the customer in the center.

Roman Ohier, product and marketing

Photo de Roman Ohier
Graduated from Master Ecotic, with 4 year of experience in online marketing for Aladom.
His mission : define users needs, write technical and functionnal specifications, build strategy. Plan and anticipate.
His challenge : make Cocoonr scalable.

Antoine Pinsard, development

Photo d'Antoine Pinsard
Coder since his childhood, with a taste for Python and Django, Antoine turns user needs in code.
His mission : build models and develop Tools.
His challenge : write reliable and sustainable code.

Guillaume Thomas, advisor

Photo de Guillaume Thomas
Engineer, he worked 18 years in IT and is the founder of Aladom, the first Marketplace for home services in France
His missions : define process and put them in place.
His challenge : put oil in the wheels