The idea of Cocoonr

Owner / Investors : we created Cocoonr for you

Short term rental need avalibility, process and know-how. Cocoonr proposes its experience to allow you to take advantages without the inconveniences.

Result :

  • you optimize imediatly your rent and fiscality
  • you avoid unpaid rent and vacancy between two rents
  • you are free to use your appartement for yourself

Cocoonr is a real estate Professional : we garantie that you will respect laws.

Who will be your guests ?

Guests of short term rentals come from all around the world.

This is why we garantie the promotion of your place through web platforms :

logos plate-formes

Reason to travel are numerous : Professional changes (new job, training, internship, mission), leisure (tourism, family visit...), personal reasons (divorce, construction...).

In all cases, your guests will look for autonomy, comfort, charme and local experience. Of course we provide the best quality for the best price.

All those factors, with the power of internet, explain why short term rental is so successfull. Airbnb, provides more than 200.000 housing in France and more than 2 millions in the world and already enabled more than 100 millions travellers to find a place to stay.

Become a Cocoonr customer

Hosting with love

I discovered Airbnb in 2012 and directly appreciated the spirit behind the plateform. I now manage several appartments in the heart of Rennes. I welcome visitors at home, in my house with my family. I hosted close to 1000 travelers from more than 25 different countries. and I love it.

With this experience, I decided to build a new activity and to propose to answer the needs of owners and visitors, with the same pleasure to host. This is why with my co-founders we built Cocoonr.

Chiffres clés

  • Nombre de logements en gestion : 50
  • Taux d'occupation moyen : 75%
  • Revenu locatif : × 3 / location nue
  • Durée moyenne de séjour : 5,7 nuits
  • Raison du séjour : professionnel (70%), tourisme/loisir (30%)
  • Origine des visiteurs : France (60%), Autre pays d'Europe (20%), USA (8%), Australie (8%), Asie (4%)
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